Stardew Valley Xbox One, PS4 Guide: Best Crops To Plant In Spring

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Stardew Valley PS4 version is now available, which means thousands of new players are just figuring out how to play this game. If you're one of them, read on. The main activity you'll do here is farming, so you need to be well-knowledgeable about crops. Plants are seasonal and since you're starting in Spring, we'll talk about crops you can grow during this season.

Stardew Valley Springs Crops: Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley. A pack of seeds costs 80G in General Store and 100G in JojaMart. It takes a total of 12 days to grow, so you can plant two batches in a season. A regular harvest sells for 175G, but a silver or gold Cauliflower can get you 218G or 262G respectively.

Cauliflower is also one of the three crops that have a chance to become a giant crop. You can do this by planting seeds in a 3x3 patch. A giant crop yields double the usual amount, so, that's 18 Cauliflower produce instead of 9. Without taking that into account, a Cauliflower can be harvested twice per season, so that's 190G to 364G profit per seed.

Stardew Valley Springs Crops: Green Bean

Green Beans continues to produce even after harvesting, so an initial investment of 60G or 75G per seed can give you multiple profits. However, the first harvest yields a loss since you can only sell it for 40G and a silver or gold Green Bean sells for 50G and 60G respectively. After three days, though, you'll get a fresh batch of produce to sell.

Green Beans takes 10 days to grow. After which, it continues to produce crops every three days. It's a must have in the first day of Spring so you always have some produce to harvest for the Spring Crops Bundle or for cooking. You get about six harvests per season, which means you can earn 180G to 300G per seed per 28 days.

Stardew Valley Springs Crops: Strawberry

Strawberries can only be obtained during the Egg Festival, which happens every 13th of Spring every year. Go to Pierre's stall and get as many strawberry seeds as you can. Plant some of them and save the rest for next year. The plants also continuously produce berries every four days after growing for eight days.

A 100G seed can get you 120G per harvest or 150G and 180G for silver and gold Strawberry. If you plant it at the day of the festival, you only get two harvest, which places the profit per seed per season at 140G to 260G. However, if you plant it at the start of Spring, you can squeeze in five harvests, which would net you 500G to 600G profit per seed.

Stardew Valley Springs Crops: Parsnips

The most overlooked crop in Stardew Valley is Parsnip, which is unsurprising since it only yields 15G per seed per harvest. You can buy it for 20G in the General Store and 25G in JojaMart. You can sell a regular produce for 35G and silver and gold Parsnips for 43G and 52G respectively.

However, it only takes 4 days to grow. If you spend your 80G on four Parsnip seeds instead of one Cauliflower seed, you'll find that the return of investment is much higher. A batch with four seeds will yield 60G to 128G profit. You can do this five times in Spring, which means you get 300G to 640G as profit in an initial investment of 80G, which is 1.7 times higher than what you get for investing your 80G on one Cauliflower seed.

Remember to plant other seeds, too. You need them for recipes and for the Community Center bundles. A great trick would be designating sections in your farm for your main crop, for fast-growing plants and for slow but high-yielding crops.

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