Stardew Valley Xbox One, PS4 Tips: 5 Things To Remember While Playing

Stardew Valley for Xbox One and PS4 was just released and fans are already starting to enjoy the game. There are ten helpful things that the players must do. Also, these tips are very useful in order to succeed in the game.

First, the player must prioritize the community center. He needs to know that the establishment holds the key in unlocking new abilities and acquiring new items. Also, focusing on the community center can help them move faster in the game.

Second, the player should know that some crops such as cauliflower, melon and kale can double his investments. These crops have a chance to turn into a giant crop by planting seeds on a 3x3 plot. If they do turn into one giant crop, players can get double the yield.

Third, he needs to remember to repair the Beach Bridge as soon as he can. The reason behind this is that he can get mussels and sea urchins for 300 wood only. The seafood is very valuable and they can also be used as gifts to the villagers.

According to Game Revolution, the player should also upgrade his axe and pickaxe as soon as he gets the chance to do it. He just needs few golds and smelted bars. Also, by upgrading his tools, he can gather more items with fewer hits, lessening the toll on the energy bar.

As per Kotaku, the last thing the player must do is to engage in fishing so that he can get rich quickly. He should know that his skill in fishing is determined based on his level and he can earn more than 2,000 gold just by this activity.

These tips about Stardew Valley are just guides to help them. It is always up to the players' strategy to win and to complete every task in the game. Hopefully, they can develop their skills and weapons and can get rich quickly.

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