'Stardew Valley’ Guide: Where To Get Truffle Oil

In 'Stardew Valley', the player's main mission is to do everything they can to bring back the lost farm of their grandfather. Its not going to be easy but definitely possible. One way to help the player get there is to learn where to get Truffle Oil that they can use for cooking or to earn money by selling. Whichever method the player uses, learning how to get it is very important.

Where To Find The Truffle In 'Stardew Valley'?

To get Truffle Oil in 'Stardew Valley', players will have to learn where to get Truffles first and its not that hard really. So to get Truffles, players first need to buy their own pig which will only be available after the player have the upgrade for a Deluxe Barn. Then wait for 10 days until the pig is a full grown adult so it can already go outside and dig. Then all the players need to do is wait for the pig to dig up the ground and find Truffles for the player.

Then to make the Truffles into a useful cooking ingredient, just get to Farming level 8 to be able to build the oil maker. For an oil maker, players will need 20 Hardwood, 50 Slime and 1 Gold bar. Once its construction is completed, players can make as many Truffle Oil as they want.

How To Get Truffle Oil In 'Stardew Valley'?

Now, to start making Truffle Oil, just take the Truffles the pig found and use the Oil Maker to produce the Truffle Oil. A cooking window will appear where the player can pick which ingredients to use. Just choose the Truffle Oil and let the process begin. The waiting time is a bit long, with up to 6 hours of process before the Truffle Oil is created so it's best to do it early so it finishes before the day ends.

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