'Dance Moms' Season 7 Episode 3: ALDC Beats The CADC Two Weeks In A Row; Kalani Gets Her Own Range Rover

"Dance Moms" season 7 is getting more action-packed as episode 3 featured more confrontations and competitions between the ALDC and the CADC. Yet, there are also positive moments shown in the episode such as when Kalani got a Range Rover for her 16th birthday.

"Dance Moms" season 7, episode 3 aired on Tuesday, Dec. 13 and as teased, the ALDC and the CADC again went into another dance competition. The war between the coaches, though, seem to be never-ending as Cathy Nesbitt-Stein and her moms are seemingly determined to annoy Abby Lee Miller for the rest of the season.

The CADC Versus The ALDC: Second Round

Cathy was clearly not pleased with the results of the Fierce Dance Competition where her Candy Apples dancers lost against the Junior Elite Team. Abby, of course, was pleased to know that with their first victory this season, she surely got under her rival's skin. The season is still starting, though, and the rivaling teams were again seen preparing for another round of dance bout with Cathy hoping to defeat the ALDC at least on the solo.

The CADC coach placed so much faith on Nicaya Wiley and her Harriet Tubman lyrical. She was reportedly competing against Kendall Vertes in her "Maddie solo" who, on the other hand, was bullied by Abby. Kendall's mom, Jill, then asks her daughter's stints to be recognized and move on from the ghost of Maddie.

Meanwhile at the competition, the Junior Elite and the Candy Apples once again went on stage to perform their solos and their group routines. While the girls were fighting for the first place in front of the judges, the moms and the coaches were in a word battle at the audience box. Abby and Jill criticized Nicaya's performance while Cathy and Black Patsy were mocking Kendall's solo. The rivaling groups even went face to face once again back stage where Abby was seen almost biting Black Patsy's finger who was at that time pointing on the ALDC coach's face.

At the end of the competition, the ALDC once again beat the CADC twice in a row with the group and the solo performances of the former winning first place. Cathy and Black Patsy were then seen furious over the results.

Kalani's Sweet 16 Present

Going back to the Junior Elite's rehearsal of their Kelani's 16th birthday inspired lyrical, the group was surprised as a Range Rover parked outside the ALDC studio. Kelani finally got her dream car when her mom got her a brand new SUV, which Kendall says she can drive to school. Thrilled by the present, Kelani went out with the girls to try the SUV in the parking lot.

Abby paused from her monster behavior and went out to take photos of the group in the car. The coach even advised the girls to be responsible in driving but wants to see them go reckless on stage. After the short bonding of the group with their coach, the ALDC team then went back inside the studio to perfect their routines as losing to the CADC according to Abby is not an option.

More Cathy versus Abby drama will then be witnessed as "Dance Moms" season 7 returns for its fourth episode on Dec. 20 on Lifetime.

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