'Dance Moms' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Junior Elites Safe From Elimination; Cathy Nesbitt Wishes Abby With More Nightmares In Jail

Dance Moms Season 7
Cathy Nesbitt-Stein musing the broom which she refers to as Abby Lee Miller's transportation on "Dance Moms" season 7, episode 2. Photo : Dance Facts/Youtube

The events between Abby Lee Miller and her two teams of dancers have never been more strenuous than it has been on "Dance Moms" season 7, episode 2. While the installment was titled "Abby's Worst Nightmare," it seems that the ALDC coach is not the only one who needs to wake up from a bad dream, but the Minis team too.

Who Went Home?

The day came for the Junior Elites and the Minis to hear Abby's decision on who will be sent home this season.

The Minis and the Junior Elite moms came together in the ALDC studio to hear what Abby had to say. The ALDC owner previously revealed that she decided to retain only one team under her brand and for that, she had to cut some dancers so she could focus on teaching only the best. The moms though were hoping for Abby to come up with her decision fast so the moms and the kids could start moving forward.

Abby then broke the bad news to the group as she confirmed that the Junior Elites are safe from being eliminated as she made a pact with the team's members a couple of years ago. With that decision, the Minis already knew anyone from the team could be sent home anytime soon. Abby has not made the first cut though. She only sent the Minis home since the Elites will be the only ones to join the next competition that the ALDC was about to participate in.

Naturally, the Minis moms were frustrated that their kids were not given the chance to prove themselves for the last time and what's worse is that Abby doesn't seem to care enough about how the team felt. The fact that the Minis gave Abby her winning trophies when the Elites abandoned her made the Minis and their moms even more dismayed.

The CADC Returns

As was already hinted, the Candy Apples are back with their coach, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein. As we all know, Abby and Cathy can be considered worst enemies and it started when the latter went against the ALDC coach by putting up her own studio.

Cathy first appeared on "Dance Moms" as her daughter was an original member of the Junior Elite Team, but the duo left the show after Abby ridiculed Vivi-Anne multiple times on season 1. After season 5, Cathy and her Candy Apples were not seen on TV. Apparently, their long hiatus gave the team a chance to perfect their moves and they are now going to compete with the ALDC dancers once again on the Fierce National Talent.

The Candy Apples are now formed by former ALDC rivals and Cathy is decided to take down Abby and her dancers in all competitions that they will be participating in. Abby's nightmare here is definitely Cathy's return as she even harassed the ALDC coach about her possible jail time which will be determined in 2017.

Abby was trying to hold her peace and only told her dancers' moms that she was going to "crucify" Cathy along with her arguably under-rated dancers. While the moms seemed to be doubtful at first about Abby's ability to handle the CADC-ALDC competition, they later realized that Cathy's return can push the coach to work harder for her team.

The Two Newbies

It's been confirmed. Abby brought in two new dancers who will join the Junior Elite Team and they will compete for the first time for the ALDC during the Fierce National Talent. Camryn and Daviana are introduced to the group and Abby believes they will be good additions to the Elites as she finds them to be matured and amazing dancers. With the two joining her team, Abby is confident that the ALDC will regain its glory days. She even trusts the two newbies to serve as motivating forces for the Elites to work harder.

Meanwhile, Cathy and her dancers were seen sweating it off as they perfected their pieces for the upcoming competition. The team was decided to "kick Abby's butt" and with this desire, the Candy Apples were evidently ready to fight Abby on the stage. While the Candy Apples were killing it on their rehearsal, the Junior Elites, on the other hand, were struggling and seemed to be moving against each other instead of dancing as one.

The Competition

Cathy and her team came early during the competition and she was having an odd humor, bringing in a broom with her which she said will be Abby's transportation. Abby, on the other hand, ended up pissing Cathy instead as she took the broom with her.

The two teams then went on stage to perform their duets. As the competition went on, the ADLC and CADC along with their coaches continued to have an exchange of discouraging words to the point that the competition already seemed to be at the backstage instead of being on the stage. With the war of words, Abby reached her limit and walked out of the competition even before the group performances started.

The Candy Apples then took the stage with their undeniably stellar group number which had the Elites worrying. The ALDC dancers performed a compilation of their past lyricals which they performed during their glory days. They definitely overtook the stage and ended up grabbing the first place for their piece while the duets ended up second and third. The CADC, on the other hand, took the third place for their group performance.

The moms again clashed for the third time where Cathy ended up promising a tougher competition and a more chaotic face off in the next dance sport that they will be attending.

"Dance Moms" season 7 will return with its third episode on Dec. 13 on Lifetime. The next episode is expected to feature more of the CADC and ALDC routines as they will again go on a competition against each other.

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