GTA Online Import/Export: Which Is Faster Between The Two New Supercars In The Game

The latest GTA Online DLC, Import/Export just recently went live to the platforms which brought a lot of new features in the game including vehicles and supercars. Although you can steal cars as part of the missions, some of the coolest cars can be acquired through purchase. Assuming you can afford the ridiculously expensive cars in the new Import/Export DLC with their fullest upgrades, a Youtuber just found out the car you want to have.

Ocelot Penetrator

GTA Online: Import/Export brings us eight new Special Vehicles and the two new Supercars in which one of those is the Ocelot Penetrator. Youtuber Broughly1322 took a fully upgraded Ocelot Penetrator to the track for a dash. It recorded a 1:02.5 lap time and ranked 9th in all of the supercars in the game.

The design of the Ocelot Penetrator is heavily based on the real life car Jaguar XJ220. Despite the very large similarity, Penetrator however, does not feature flip-down headlights. The supercar is run by a single cam V12 engine with 12 throttle bodies coupled to a 5-speed gearbox engine. Its initial price is $880,000 available on Legendary Motorsport.

Pegassi Tempesta

The Pegassi Tempesta is also available on Legendary Motorsport under $1,329,000. Broughy1322 recorded Tempesta as a faster supercar compared to Penetrator. Fully upgraded Pegassi Tempesta ran at a speed of 1:01.2 lap time and ranked third place in the overall fastest supercars in GTA V, only a little bit off behind the top-notcher supercar RE-7B.

Which Is Faster Between Ocelot Penetrator And Pegassi Tempesta

For everyone who is not very confident with their driving skills, Broughy1322 recommends the Pegassi Tempesta. According to him, Tempesta is a very smooth and consistent supercar to drive, making it worth the price. Its top speed, acceleration, and traction hit more than four in the stats bar.

GTA Online Import/Export arrived on the client yesterday. Aside from the vehicles, it also came in with new adversary mode, character appearance changes, and more. For more information about the GTA Online Import/Export update, you can read the official announcement on Steam.

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