Final Fantasy XV First DLC Brings Old FF Villains And New Areas to Explore

By Allan Gonzales , Dec 14, 2016 05:36 PM EST

'Final Fantasy XV' season pass is now available in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it will give players access to new DLC. The expansion will include three character episodes, more expansion for multiplayer mode, villains from previous installments and new items. The new content is not yet ready for download but producer Haruyoshi Sawatari shares more detail about the upcoming update.

New Content Included in 'Final Fantasy XV' Expansion Pack

According to the producer, the DLC will come in four separate pieces where each piece contains a story of the 'Final Fantasy XV' character. Moreover, the expansion pack will also include a new multiplayer mode that will allow all the players of the game to unite and interact. But that's not the all as the update will introduce three new playable characters in the game, more maps, boss battles encounters, the return of classic enemy Gilgamesh and more items to discover in the game.

'Final Fantasy XV' Producer Reveals More Details About the Game

In an interview with Sawatari, he reveals the fight with Gilgamesh is included in the first DLC which is in the episode of Gladio. In the story, Gladio had to leave the party to attend to a personal matter and he later comes back with a scar. And that will probably start the mission to find Gilgamesh. Sawatari describes the battle with Gilgamesh will be epic.

And then there is the new open world area where all the players in the game can interact. The place is said to be called Lucis and is said to "bring the FF15 world closer to the player, in greater depth." Sawatari said.

Thew upcoming update is reported to include so much more content and Sawatari says it will truly surprise its loyal players. There is no confirmed date yet when the 'Final Fantasy XV' expansion pack will be ready for download but fans are hoping it will be anytime soon.

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