Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Level Up Fast

'Final Fantasy 15' has just been released and one of the things players need to master is how to level up fast in the game. Just like its previous versions, players can level up with their party members by completing quests and objectives which earns experience in return. This article will serve as every player's guide in getting to know the game and how they can level up as quickly as possible in the game.

How to Earn Experience to Level Up Quickly in 'Final Fantasy 15'

There are different ways to earn experience in 'Final Fantasy 15' but the best method is accomplishing as many side quests as possible. These quests do not help in the progress of the game's main story but it does greatly contribute not just in leveling up but also in getting Gil rewards. To activate these quests, just talk to every NPC with a question mark on their heads throughout the game and accept the mission they offer. At certain times, the map will even indicate where these NPCs are so finding them is easier.

Stay in Hotels to Get Experience Boost

Another way to earn more experience in 'Final Fantasy 15' is to stay in hotels as it gives a considerable amount of experience bonus. Although the hotels are not very affordable, checking in there from time to time is very much worth it. There are currently three hotels in the game that offers experience bonus and the first one is found in Galdin Quay. One night in this hotel costs 10,000 Gil but rewards with 2x boost to all of the player's experience. The next one is the Altissia Hotel wherein the player gets a 1.5x boost for only 5,000 Gil a day. Speak to the second NPC to the hotel to get a 3x boost but for an additional 30,000 Gil.

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