‘Dragon Ball Super' Kicks Off New Space Survival Arc In February 2017

The popular anime series “Dragon Ball Super” is about to kick off into a new arc as it gradually closes into it. It has been reported that the anime will be making a detour into space for the new story. And this arc will commence in February next year.

The anime series adaptation’s latest arc has been teased in a local Japanese magazine, stating that the said space survival arc will start on Feb. 5, 2017. The said new arc has been titled, “The Survival of the Universe”. With a lot of the main characters heading to space, it is highly likely possible that the said arc will center on the famous tournament that will have 12 universes competing against each other as suggested by the Supreme King Zeno.

In the teaser released in the undisclosed publication, it is evidently seen that Yamaha has finally returned with his scar healed and gone. He will apparently be one of the main heroes in the upcoming space survival arc. As of this time, nothing else has been announced.

In the meantime, “Dragon Ball Super” will finally be aired on Toonami come next year. The English-dubbed episodes of the first season will be aired on Adult Swim starting Jan. 7 at 8pm and 11:30pm (ET). Aside from that, it has been announced recently that a manga novel spinoff from the “Dragon Ball” manga series will be released soon, which will star the earthling Yamcha.

“Dragon Ball Super” is an ongoing Japanese anime television series adapted from the original manga series, “Dragon Ball”, which was created by Akira Toriyama. The anime adaptation started as early as Dec. 1986, which was later on succeeded by “Dragon Ball Z” in 1989 and “Dragon Ball GT” in 1996. “Dragon Ball Super” is the latest installment of the series and premiered in July 2015 and has already run 70 episodes to date. The latest 71st episode titled, “”The Death of Goku! The Guaranteed Assassination Mission” will be aired on Dec. 18.

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