'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2, Episode 9 Spoilers: Rip Hunter Kidnapped By The Legion; Series Returns On Jan. 24

The Legends will have a part of the medallion and the Spear of Destiny back in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 2, episode 9. However, they will fail to rescue Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill). He is speculated to be kidnapped by the Legion of Doom.

A sneak peek video of "Legends of Tomorrow," season 2, episode 9 shows Jax trying to cheer up Sarah after their failed attempt to rescue Rip from the Legion of Doom. In the midseason finale of the DC series, the Legends had their first face-off with the Legion and managed to correct histor. However, Eobard revelead that he has the amulets projecting a map that can locate the Spear of Destiny, which is used to rewrite history. But to utilize it they need the help of the Legends' former captain, Rip Hunter.

"Legends of Tomorrow," season 2, episode 8 revealed that Rip is working as a movie director in 1976 Los Angeles and ironically, he is directing a Rip Hunter movie. However, it looks like he is not the Rip that the Legends knew before.

In the said video, Jax tells Sara she can't beat herself about the issue. Sarah took over Rip's place as the team captain since his disappearance. "It is my responsibility as captain to make sure that everyone gets back on the ship, everyone... and I failed," Sara said. "They have Rip. We lost him, Jax... again," she added.

Jax assures her the Legion won't have Rip for long. "When you really want something, you are unstoppable," he said. "We're gonna find him and we're gonna bring him home." Sara asks if it is a promise but Jax answers that it's a prophecy.

"Legends of Tomorrow" season 2, episode 9 titled "Raiders of Lost Arc" will air in a new timeslot. It will air on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.


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