The Duggars Update: Jim Bob Reassures Joy-Anna Won't End Up Like Sister Jinger; Joy-Anna To Follow Courtship Rules

The Duggar parents are becoming stricter with their family's traditions as their youngest daughter, Joy-Anna, starts dating Austin Forsyth. Jim Bob and Michelle have reportedly been joining their daughter's date with her romantic friend to make it sure that Joy-Anna will not follow the lead of her sister Jinger in violating courtship rules.

Joy-Anna publicly announced her blossoming romance with Austin last November where the couple even hinted on a possible marriage soon. Although the Duggar parents expressed their appreciation for Austin, they were supposedly watching the young lovers most especially that Joy-Anna is only 19. Jim Bob and Michelle set courtship rules within their family as they are well-known for respecting Christian values as well as practicing conservative characteristics.

It can be recalled that Jinger has been quite a black sheep as she has reportedly violated her parents' courtship rules when she was still dating her then-boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo. Things only got better when the couple decided to be wed. As this was the case with Jinger, the Duggars are now hoping for Joy-Anna to faithfully follow the family's traditions.

Following this, Jim Bob and Michelle hopped into the date of Joy-Anna and Austin on Monday where they celebrated the 23rd birthday of Austin. The Duggar parents though seemed to enjoy chaperoning the young couple as they posted their good wishes for the celebrant on Facebook along with their group picture on their double date.

While Joy-Anna has broken records in their family as she has dated a little earlier than the rest of her sisters did, the youngest daughter is assuring her parents that she is not rushing into things. The fact that the new couple is planning to raise their relationship into a much higher level when the time is right for them also gave the Duggar parents some relief as courting for them is something sacred.

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