Final Fantasy XV Update: Gilgamesh Included In Gladio Story DLC; Origins Of Gladio's Scar Revealed

Final Fantasy XV players will see the return of Gilgamesh in the upcoming Gladio Story DLC. The additional content will also reveal how Gladio got his chest scar.

Final Fantasy XV Gilgamesh Returns

Episode Gladio is an upcoming and paid DLC for Final Fantasy XV. It will also focus on Gladio and his adventures outside the group. This particular DLC will feature an encounter between Gladio and Gilgamesh. The ensuing match resulted in Gladio getting a scar in his chest, according to current rumors. Interestingly, Gilgamesh is only available in this particular DLC. He is therefore an Episode Gladio exclusive, according to FFXV rep Haruyoshi Sawatari.

Gilgamesh is not a stranger to Final Fantasy players since he appeared in several installments. He is also no pushover and is usually a very tough enemy to deal with. Meanwhile, One YouTube presenter, Mrhappy 1227 showed an image of an Iron Giant. This could be the Gilgamesh character in the upcoming DLC but we can't be sure for now. If this image is true tough, then the new look will be a radical makeover for this villain. He is usually depicted as a giant enemy that can wield multiple weapons due to his numerous arms.

More Final Fantasy XV DLC Coming Up

The Gladio Story is actually the first of the four DLC that will be added in the main game. Each DLC will focus on each member of the Final Fantasy XV main characters. The other main characters are Prince Noctis, Ignis and Prompto. Gilgamesh is just one of the many new characters coming to Final Fantasy XV. Players are happy though that more contents are coming to the game. Many players see Final Fantasy XV as one of the best in the series but they are hungry for more contents. Fortunately, the developer is willing to oblige with the release of the four additional chapters.

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