Final Fantasy XV Guide, Tips: Where To Find Ulric's Kukris Dagger Blades; How To Defeat Psychomancer

Final Fantasy XV players will remember Nyx and his Ulric's Kukris from Kingsglaive. Locating the light blades is one thing but taking it away from a powerful Psychomancer is another.

Where to Find Ulric's Kukris

The lights could be retrieved in Insomnia where Final Fantasy XV player will have to meet and defeat the Ifrit. Go to the elevator to proceed down to the boss arena after the dealing with the Ifrit. You will also have to deal and eliminate the Red Giants in the arena.

Final Fantasy XV players should keep returning to the area until the Psychomancer finally arrives. The deadly and level 85 enemy should spawn at almost the exact spot you first appeared in this stage. To pass the time, players can take several tours of Insomnia and killing various enemies while they are at it. Once he appears, fight and defeat him to get Ulric's Kukris.

How To Defeat Pscyhomancer

Thunder spells are quite effective since the Psychomancer is not so tough against lightning attacks. Noctis and Gladiolus can use their greatswords against the Psychomancer who also has low defense against such weapons. Final Fantasy XV player will need to save the game before facing the Psychomancer. The light blades' guardian is a tough one to kill due to his high health bar.

Information about Ulric's Kukris

Veterans of other Final Fantasy games remember the history of Ulric's Kukris. Interestingly, one of the blades was made in Crown City while the other was made in Galahd. The weapon's Health hovers at around 282, Magic and Sprit is around 48 and 20 points respectively and has a shot and dark resistance of 21 and 19 percent respectively. Final Fantasy XV players know that Ulric's Kukris is not the most powerful weapon around. The blades however, do present some sentimental value especially from fans of the Kingsglaive film.

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