NBA Trade Rumors: Isaiah Thomas To Kings, Celtics Sending Five Players To Kings To Acquire Gay, Lawson and Cauley-Stein?

These NBA trade rumors seem to be increasing in intensity as the trade deadline looms. The Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics have been the focus of most of these rumors. Perhaps these teams are always involved in rumors because of their goal of upgrading their roster. Some analysts believe that they both need to bolster their lineup to be more competitive in their upcoming encounters.

This Trade Deal Will Benefit Both Teams

Some NBA trade rumors suggest that a proposed trade deal is being considered by the Celtics and the Kings that will involve 5 players. It appears that Isaiah Thomas, Jonas Jerebko and Tyler Zeller of the Celtics will go to the Kings. In return, the Celtics will acquire Willie Cauley-Stein and Rudy Gay from the Kings.

These trade deals, according to some NBA trade rumors will be beneficial to both teams. The Kings will again have the skills and talents of Thomas whom they originally drafted in the 2011 draft. Having acquired deeper experience, Thomas will be paired with DeMarcus Cousins to provide the team another chance for the playoffs.

On the other hand, the Celtics will acquire Gay who is known for his offensive power. With Cauley-Stein's inside defensive skills, the team will be able to secure their interior defense and possibly win more games than they are doing now. Overall, as many NBA trade rumors suggested, both the Celtics and the Kings will come out as better teams than they were before.

Gay Will Welcome This Trade Scenario

This trade deal will also be attractive to Gay because according to a number of NBA trade rumors, he is quite unhappy with his situation in the Kings right now. Apparently, there were reports that say he feels his career is going nowhere with the Kings. He supposedly labeled his current team as "basketball hell." It is also rumored that the Kings have been looking to trade Gay, but no partner has come up yet.

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