‘This Is Us’ Episode 11 Spoilers, News And Updates: Jack And Rebecca Goes Back In Time; Learns Three Babies Are On The Way

"This Is Us" episode 11 will feature more scenes showing a younger Jack (Milo Ventura) and an equally younger Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Fans of the show should expect that when the comedy-drama returns in 2017, the couple will be surprised to learn that their baby is not just one, but could possibly be three.

A Leak From Mandy Moore Herself

This leak of "This Is Us" episode 11 came from Moore herself, in her interview with Hollywood Life. "But also for our characters when we go back to the moment where Jack and Rebecca find out they are having triplets and not just one baby," she said. "is pretty crazy!" Moore added.

"This Is Us" episode 11 will also feature the development of the bond between Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz). The heart attack suffered by Toby (Chris Sullivan) shocked the fans of the show. How the family will cope with Toby's illness will be also featured in the upcoming episode. It appears that Kate will need somebody to keep her company to give emotional support. This is where Kevin could come in.

The Fate Of Toby Is Uncertain

Hartley also revealed that Kevin, his character in "This Is Us" episode 11, will show sympathy to Kate and what she is undergoing. He said Kevin will be at her side as often as he can. With regards to Toby's fate, Moore said that she has no knowledge of what will happen to him. Toby is her daughter's boyfriend and her family was also affected.

In the winter finale of the show, Toby suddenly collapsed and was taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve. His fate will be known to the fans when "This Is Us" episode 11 premieres next year. Fans of the show will not have to wait too long since the premier is slated on Jan. 10, 2017. Watch the teaser video below to get a taste of what's going on in the show.

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