Clash Of Clans December Update Release Date Delayed? Mobile Game May Soon Be VR Compatible

Clash of Clans is still dominating the charts despite the arrival of Pokemon GO that posed a huge threat. The major update last October did well in retaining players and luring in new ones. Previous reports believed that another one is coming this December, but rumors now suggest a major update is not coming until January 2017 and it may be due to Supercell testing the VR waters.

Clash Of Clans VR Coming Soon?

According to a recent report, Supercell has previously released a 360-degree footage of Clash of Clans in the point of view of the Hog Rider. The video, which can be seen below, allowed the fans to see what it would look like being a troop charging into battle. This immediately sparked rumors of VR content coming soon.

With the growing popularity of Virtual Reality games and headsets, more and more mainstream titles are jumping into the offerings of next-gen gaming. It would be no surprise if Clash of Clans or even a spin-off would head into the VR world as well. Nevertheless, these are simply rumors for now and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Clash Of Clans Winter Update Teased

Amid these rumors, Supercell released a close look at the new troop and resource icons. The makeover makes the character look more on the cartoon-ish side, but it is generally well-received by the Clash of Clans community.

The official post by Anoushka of Supercell also stated that more news about the update is coming today, Dec. 16. Players can expect to hear some information about game balancing and perhaps the Christmas skin then.

An appearance from some Clash Royale characters may happen or even a new game, but nothing can be confirmed yet. However, if the rumors are true that no major update is happening this month, then there may be no new features that will be announced.

Clash of Clans is available to download in Android's Play Store and iOS' App Store.

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