‘Grey's Anatomy' New Competition On Netflix Titled 'Offspring' Threatens Shonda Rhimes?

In the past weeks, "Grey's Anatomy" has been the subject of rumors claiming it is uncertain to be renewed next year for season 14. Amid all the questions and speculations, the latest news that has surfaced is that Shonda Rhimes is reportedly threatened by Netflix's Australian series titled "Offspring."

Netflix's "Offspring"

Hidden in the depths of Netflix is an Australian medical TV series titled "Offspring." According to a review, the five-season series is the "Grey's Anatomy" in the U.S. with way much better sense of humor. Like Shonda Rhimes' piece, "Offspring" offers every type of eye candy viewers can imagine. The series is described as "hilarious and touching."

The main plot centers on Dr. Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), an obstetrician, and her shamelessly weird family. Despite her struggles with severe anxiety, Nina excels at what she is doing. Her parents are separated owing to her father's endless womanizing. Her brother Jimmy (Richard Davies) is jobless, while her sister Billie (Kat Stewart) struggles to move on from her love-hate relationship with boyfriend Mick (Eddie Perfect).

Like Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Nina is fond of talking inside her head. The protagonist herself also struggles to get rid of her pyromaniac ex-husband, while she is igniting a romance with the new pediatrician in the hospital. The plot stems from her dilemma after her husband impregnated her best friend.

Shonda Rhimes Threatened?

As the series begins to gain popularity and good reviews, it has been foreseen to be the next Netflix hit that will give Shonda Rhimes' "Grey's Anatomy" a great competition. Rumors have it that the showrunner could be threatened by Netflix's offering considering the accolades it received. A report from Inquistr suggests that "Offspring" is way too better than "Grey's Anatomy" that "it throws you into the deep end" not to mention that its "characters are believable."

Check out the video below summarizing the five seasons of the series in five minutes. Already confirmed for season 6, will "Offspring" capture the hearts of the American audience? Will you watch "Offspring" on Netflix? Comment down below your thoughts!

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