Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - The Top Selling Game For 2016? Let’s Find Out

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has been declared as 2016's top selling games for consoles. The claim seems to counter earlier reports that COD:IW sales are almost 50 percent lower than the previous one.

NPD Group November Sales Report

The marketing research group reported that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was November's top selling console game in the United States. The claim was based mostly on physical (disc) sales. Activision later claimed that Infinite Warfare is the top selling console game in the US for 2016. This is based on the yearly revenue earned from disc sales of the COD franchise game titles.

Activision's Claims Qualified

The game publisher's claim is somewhat truthful but managed to sidestep some important details. It's the top selling game but only for the console and digital download sales were not included. This could mean that the latest COD game title is not the number one selling game this year.

It's also too early for Activision to even claim that Infinite Warfare is the top selling game for 2016. It has only been release last November and such distinction is usually handed out at the end of the year. Total sale both from discs and digital download from all gaming platforms also needs to be counted. Only then can we know for sure the number one selling game for 2016.

Premium Edition Help Boost Sale

Industry observers also believed that many were enticed to buy COD Infinite Warfare because of the bundled Modern Warfare Remastered. Apparently, buyers are willing to shell out around $80 just to get MWR. Those who would like to buy the bundled package now will be pleasantly surprised that it's selling below the original $80 price tag. Interestingly, COD title such as Advance Warfare and Black Ops III were top sellers in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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