Carrier Wars: AT&T's BOGO, T-Mobile's Free DirecTV, Sprint’s Free iPhone SE Or Verizon's Free iPhone 7 Offer

They're at it again. Three of the major networks are engaging in a war of sorts to try and convince customers from one carrier to switch to theirs.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon have announced different offers aimed at customers to consider switching to their brand.

AT&T is offering a 'free' iPhone 7

Starting last week, AT&T has given away a free iPhone 7 for every purchase of one. The Buy-One, get-One promo platform is a popular one and AT&T, along with other carriers, has done this kind of thing before. In fact, T-Mobile offered the Samsung Galaxy S7 in their BOGO promo last November prior to the recent Black Friday event.

AT&T's BOGO promo has already started and will cease on Christmas Eve. AT&T customers can buy an iPhone 7 or a 7 Plus before Dec. 24 and get the free 32GB iPhone 7 as long as they add a new line.

Those who prefer the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5 may also avail of the BOGO promo. AT&T is also offering $650 in bill credits for those who switch from another network and trade-in a smartphone.

T-Mobile's Free DirecTV for A Year

T-Mobile is taking a different route. Instead of offering BOGO or discounts on smartphones like it did before, the network is now offering one year of free DirecTV Now access. DirecTV happens to be AT&T's new video streaming service.

AT&T customers are required to activate two lines and bring their number to T-Mobile ONE to avail of the $35 per month to cover the DirecTV Now fee. The amount will be deducted from the phones' monthly bill credit for 12 months which will total $420.

Sprint's Free iPhone SE

For its part, Sprint is giving away an iPhone SE for every purchase or lease of an iPhone 7 with unlimited data. The customer may also choose to get an iPhone 6s instead of the iPhone SE but the customer still needs to pay the retail amount less $400.

Verizon's iPhone Trade-In

 Verizon is offering a new iPhone 7 for switchers who trade in their eligible smartphone from the other network. If the customer prefers not to let go of his or her phone, they can still get the iPhone 7 but with a minimal monthly fee of $10.

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