Gears Of War 4 Gearsmas Event: Holiday Giveaways You Can Get Right Now

Gears of War 4's Gearsmas is a massive event this holiday season. Microsoft has added new items and weapons skins that they can get throughout the event. These features will attract the players to participate in the event.

What Are The Newest Addition In Gears Of War 4's Gearsmas?

When Microsft added new items in the Gearsmas Pack, players have access to six new weapons skins such as Gingerbread, Festive Tree, Snowman, JD Wrapping Paper, Kait Wrapping Paper and Swarm Wrapping Paper. They can also get three ugly Gearsmas armor characters and one commemorative emblem. They can get the pack for only 400 credits.

According to GameSpot, Microsoft also added a new game mode in Gears of War 4 called Snowball Fight. The only way players can throw snowball is by using a special Boomshot called Snowshot. They need to look for other snowballs while engaged in a fight because they will only have two snowballs at the beginning of the match.

The Crossback Versus will make its comeback for the Gearsmas. This will let the Xbox One and PC users fight against each other. Players who will participate with Crossback and Snowball Fight will get 1.5x XP during the event.

Other Features Of Gears Of War 4's Gearsmas

As per Windows Report, players who will participate in Gearsmas have the chance to acquire some limited items with the daily reward system. A Chuzzmas Emblem has been given away last Dec. 16 and if they missed this item, they can still get an Ice Boomshot on Dec. 24 until Dec. 26.

The players should watch out for Union Independent Republics (UIR) that will be released in Gears of War 4 later this month, according to Xbox. The team will be having its own gear pack, of course. Also, there will be more Easter eggs available on Dec. 25.

The players should grab the exciting items and game mode in Gears of War 4 while they are still available. They will not only get daily rewards but also limited items that are acquired annually. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong while the event is still going on.

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