'Dance Moms' Season 7 Updates: Ashlee Rumfallo Reveals Truth Behind ‘Dance Moms’ Cancelation; Abby Lee Miller Ready To Go To Jail?

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Abby Lee Miller has been talking to Debbie Allen perhaps about selling her ALDC studio. Will we see Debbie taking over "Dance Moms" when Abby goes to jail next year? Photo : DanceMomsRocks/Youtube

Rumors about the possible imprisonment of "Dance Moms" coach Abby Lee Miller are spiraling once more and as they get more hyped, cancelation talks of her hit reality show are also surfacing. To shed light on these speculations, dance mom Ashlee Rumfallo has already spoken. Unfortunately, her statement might be taken as a confirmation that "Dance Moms" will soon be axed by Lifetime.

In a recent interview, Brynn's mother confirmed that the cancelation of "Dance Moms" is currently in talks by executives. "There has not been a definite cancelation," Ashlee told Radar Online. The dance mom also revealed that the producers of the show are still waiting for some things but are trying to figure out how to go about it. "They're waiting on a few things and deciding how and what they're going to do. No one knows." Hence, as of late, the future of "Dance Moms" is hazy.

Abby's Legal Problems Are Causing The Show's Cancelation?

It is not a secret that the ALDC LA owner is facing some legal issues which may put her into federal prison for up to 30 months or more. Abby is scheduled to hear her sentence for her fraud cases on Jan. 20, 2017. It can be recalled that the coach has pleaded guilty for a fraud complaint in 2015. Following this, it is expected that Abby would spend some time in jail and be obligated to pay a fine of at least $5 million.

Following this scandal, the show has suffered from decreased ratings and cancelation rumors then started to swirl around the internet. Fans are expressing their disappointment about the possible cancelation of the show but there are also suggestions surfacing on how the show might be saved.

Some sources are pressing for a spinoff as producers are rumored to be getting in touch with Cathy Nesbitt-Stein to take over the ALDC. Although it might be intriguing how this plan will work, Cathy handling the Junior Elite is still very unlikely.

Also, there were previous talks that surfaced where Abby was reportedly planning to sell the ALDC to another dance coach, Debbie Allen. In "Dance Moms" season 7 previews, Abby can be seen speaking with Debbie on the phone and a lot of viewers are guessing that it is about the transfer of the rights of the ALDC. If their supposed transaction will push through, then Lifetime might somehow find a reason to renew the show for an eighth installment or create a spinoff out of it. However, "Dance Moms" might suffer lower viewership without the intense dramas brought about by Abby. We have to admit also that "Dance Moms" won't be "Dance Moms" without its infamous coach.

Abby Ready To Go To Jail?

Ashlee hasn't only spoken about the impending cancelation of "Dance Moms." In the same interview, she also revealed that Abby has already accepted her fate, following the coach's fraud cases. She also said that Abby is already prepared to go to jail if the court will deem her worthy of imprisonment.

"I think it's unfortunate that they pushed it back so long," she said. "She's ready to know and I think it'll be good for her when she knows. We're just waiting," she explained.

Also, Abby posted a cryptic message on social media earlier this week where she seemed to be confirming the end of "Dance Moms." The producers of the reality show have not yet spoken about these issues but with Abby and one of her dance moms hinting on future cancelation, fans might want to ready themselves as they might already have to bid farewell to "Dance Moms" after its seventh season.

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