Final Fantasy XV News: Is Golden Saucer Making A Comeback? Here's What We Know

Final Fantasy XV fans are hoping to experience the amusement park from Final Fantasy VII. Players believe that this will be included in the upcoming first DLC pack of the game. If this is true, then players can relive the famous old location of the other installment.

Will Players Have The Chance To See Golden Saucer In Final Fantasy XV?

Players should be aware that besides the DLC pack that will be released next week by Square Enix, there is a possibility that Golden Saucer will make its comeback. The amusement park is from Final Fantasy VII. Before, the players can participate in Chocobo races there and can win Golden Chocobo.

The Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy VII is located in the ruins of Old Corel. It is a famous attraction. The players need to use gold points instead of Gil as their currency whenever they participated in the games.

Players are wishing to visit the Golden Saucer in Final Fantasy XV. The gamers are asking Square Enix for the return of the beloved park because it is one of the coolest locations in Final Fantasy VII. But there is a big chance that the developer might bring it back on the remake of the latter.

What Are Included In The First DLC Of Final Fantasy XV?

The players of Final Fantasy XV is waiting for Dec. 22 because Square Enix will be finally releasing the holiday pack of the game. According to GameSpot, the pack is for free and will bring new features such as the protection ring and the key of fortune to the game.

The players using Xbox One and PS4 can download the holiday pack and those who have a season pass can download the holiday pack+, as per Siliconera. The most awaited part of the pack is the New Game Plus mode that essential to any RPG.

Final Fantasy XV fans should watch out for the holiday DLC pack when it is finally released by Square Enix. Hopefully, the fans will enjoy the game even more because there are new items and features that can upgrade the gameplay.

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