Galaxy S8 Rumors: Samsung´s New Flagship Will Have Similar Specs As The Recalled Galaxy Note 7

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The Next Galaxy. Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in March and the two devices have received huge amounts of praise for their designs, powerful specs and great cameras.
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As everyone knows, the Galaxy S8 is the most important solution that Samsung has to restore its reputation and the customers´ confidence in the brand, after what happened with the Galaxy Note 7. However, new rumors about Samsung´s new flagship have just come out, and believe it or not, it suggests that the South Korean company could make a controversial decision with this smartphone. To use some specs that the recalled mobile device also had.

The Galaxy S8 Could Have The Iris Recognition Technology

According to several reports, one of the specs that the Galaxy Note 7 used and it would be adopted by the Galaxy S8 is the iris recognition technology, which was something incredible before the recalled flagship exploded, and the opinions were only about how great it was. The cool thing about the Galaxy S8 having this spec is that it will be faster than the one used by the Note 7, and it will allow the South Korean company to launch the Samsung Pass one more time, which is a feature that the recalled mobile device also had.

In fact, it´s quite possible that once the iris recognition technology is equipped in the Galaxy S8, Samsung could once again engage with banks and any other financial institution in order to resurrect the Samsung Pass service. Although this is not exactly the majority of its customers, the South Korean company always saw as an important strategy to provide these kinds of services to these organizations.

The Galaxy S8 Could Have A Similar Display As The One That The Galaxy Note Used

Also, it was ha been known that the Galaxy S8 would wear a similar display to the one found on the Galaxy Note 7, since the specs sheet for the latest flagship could also be equipped with the Y-OCTA display technology that the recalled phone had, and helped the company to produce a thinner smartphone and lower production cost.

Apparently, this display technology might allow the Galaxy S8 to have more advanced technologies in it. For example, instead of using touch-sensitive films that are commonly used in the conventional touchscreen displays, this technology already integrates these touch sensors.

In fact, the Y-OCTA display might head to the smaller model of the Galaxy S8, which could possibly be a 5.7-inch version that would feature the entire display specs of the Galaxy Note 7, including the Super AMOLED panels with Quad HD resolution. On the other hand, the alleged bezel-less 6.2-inch model could wear the full RGB AMOLED panel.

The Galaxy S8 Could Wear A Fingerprint Scanner On The Back

Also, it has been reported that another detail that the Galaxy S8 will adopt from the Galaxy Note 7 could be the fingerprint scanner placed on the back, which would be huge bet for the South Korean company since everyone was expecting a fingerprint sensor. Another interesting detail about this rumor is that this ended up being the truth; the flagship would look quite similar to the design that Google choose for its Pixels devices since its fingerprint sensor technology is rear-mounted.

If all these rumors end up being true, the customer´s reaction to the Galaxy S8 will be unpredictable, since it doesn't seem to be a great strategy to wear a smartphone with similar specs as the previous one that turned into a total disaster. In fact, considering that Samsung´s flagship haven't been released, a collateral damage could actually start because of these rumors, given the fact that no one wants to know any more about the Galaxy Note 7.

However, even when this smartphone became the worst in Samsung´s modern history, the truth is that these specs and features might fit well in the Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, there´s going to be people that will think that instead of killing the Galaxy Note 7 for good, the South Korean company might be resurrecting it in an advanced device, which could be an extraordinary if it wasn't for the fact that the recalled smartphone is quite unpopular.

Only time will tell if this was a good or a wrong move, but for now, the most important thing that Samsung should do is to concentrate on its harmed image. It remains to be seen if these rumors are counterintuitive. These specs and features don't have to be bad just because the Galaxy Note 7 ended up bursting into flames, but the rumors of this possibility would probably make it difficult for the Galaxy S8 to achieve its mission of restoring the company´s reputation.

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