Galaxy Note 8 Vs Surface Phone Vs iPhone 8 Vs Huawei P10: Which Among These Flagships Is The Best Deal?

Microsoft Surface Phone May Launch in 3 Models by Early 2017
The report says that Microsoft pulled back development of the Lumia line and has also cancelled product launches for the time being.
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Next year, the smartphone market will become a huge war between the most expected flagships from some of the most important tech companies in the world. We´re talking about Apple´s iPhone 8, the Microsoft Surface Phone, the Samsung´s Galaxy Note 8 and Huawei P10. Although there have been many rumors about these smartphones, one of the most important details is how much will they cost, so here´s a little comparison between the possible prices that these flagships will have.

iPhone 8: It Will Probably Be Priced Around $1,200

Considering that this is an Apple smartphone, is quite possible that this could be considered as the most anticipated mobile device next year, not only because of the fact the iPhone has become one of the best products in Apple´s history, but also because the company will commemorate the birth of its first iPhone in 2017. Naturally, this means that this flagship will definitely have to be way much better than the previous.

Although everyone knows that Apple´s products are not known for being cheap, one of the things that everyone is wondering is how much the iPhone 8 will cost, and if it would reach a price that everyone could buy the previous smartphones. Regarding this situation, many reports suggest that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be priced around $1200, which might be a little bit overpriced even for an Apple´s product. In any case, you have to start saving if you want to buy this flagship.

Galaxy Note 8: It Would Cost Around $930

What Samsung lived with the Galaxy Note 7 is practically one of the worst moments in its successful history, since this was an event that destroyed the company´s reputation and even went to the point of becoming a threat to the customer´s life, since this was a smartphone that could literally explode at any moment.

Given this situation, everyone thought that Samsung would end the Note series, but the company actually made a huge bet by confirming that the Galaxy Note 8 would still be released. Naturally, this means that in addition to the Galaxy S8, the company is turning this mobile device into one of the most important products in its history, because this time the mission is not only to achieve greatness but also to recover its reputation and the customers´ confidence in the brand.

Without any kind of doubt, the way of making the Galaxy Note 8 an extremely attractive phone, is not only by wearing it with incredible specs and features, but also to put it a price that could be understandable considering what happened to the Note 7. Apparently, this smartphone would cost around $930, and the customers who had the bought the Note 7 would get it at half the price, which might be something really important to turn this phone into a huge competitor for the iPhone 8, since there will be a lot of customers that would prefer to pay around $300 less.

Huawei P10: It Could Be The Most Expensive Huawei´s Phone Ever

Although it just released the Mate 9 and the P9 back in April, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is looking forward to making have a relevant hit in the U.S. with the P10 flagship, given the fact that this mobile device could make the company conquer the American users and become a serious competitor for Apple and especially Samsung.

The Huawei P10 is still in the rumor phase, and even when there have been many speculations about the specs and features that this smartphone could have, the truth is that everything about this new flagship remains uncertain so far. However, one of the fewer details that seem to be pretty sure is that the Huawei P10 will probably become the most expensive mobile device that the company has released since the price wouldn't be exactly budget smartphones´ standard.

Of course, you don´t have to worry too much because of this issue, considering that even when it won´t be cheap, it will surely be more affordable than many of its competitors since the cost will be around $650 and $750. Although it doesn't offer the greatness of a Samsung or Apple´s smartphone, the Huawei is probably the best choice you have if you want to have an outstanding smartphone at a lower price than the biggest flagships. Don´t get surprised if the P10 sells more than the Galaxy Note 8.

Surface Phone: It Could Be Priced Around $700 and $1,100

When Apple released its first iPhone, Microsoft was one of the fewest companies that far from endorsing this product, actually criticized the company and the smartphone itself, considering that it was quite possible that this device wouldn't meet expectations and ended up becoming something as the hockey puck mouse.

However, the iPhone was a colossal success, and since that moment tech nostalgics and Microsoft´s fans was wondering if the company would ever release a smartphone that could compete against Apple and resurrect those times in which both giants are competing for the world supremacy in tech innovation.

Fortunately, this moment would probably come again next year with the release of the Surface Phone, a smartphone that would be Microsoft´s Holy Grail, since it´s expected that this product would end up being some kind of an ultimate Windows device. As it was reported in a previous article, the Surface Phone will probably come with a base and a mid-range model, and even when many believed that it would be extremely expensive, the Surface Phone could actually be priced at $700 and $1100 respectively.

The thing about this price is that even when you can find much more affordable phones than the Microsoft´s flagship, and even when there are many who believed that the tech giant should make this phone cheaper, it´s quite possible that the Surface Phone become one of the top-selling smartphones next year, considering that the expectations around it are incredibly huge. If you´re looking for a good deal in which you combine greatness with a not so expensive price, the Surface Phone might be the best choice.

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