Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Add Aranea In Your Team Permanently

By Mhico V. , Dec 19, 2016 10:56 AM EST

Players today are wondering if Aranea can permanently join the team in Final Fantasy XV, despite the events where Aranea seems to join the team only for a limited time. Recently, a player discovered that it is possible for Aranea to join the team permanently. However, it will take some steps in order to let her permanently join the team.

What Are The Steps To Let Aranea Join The Team In Final Fantasy XV?

In order to let Aranea permanently join the team, players must first rest at Cotisse Haven. This is possible after finishing chapter 7. The second thing to do is to fast forward the Raindrops Hunt to night time. Players must wait until midnight after doing those activities.

Then after the wait, players will need to run into the big wall with a red fence. When daemons appear to battle, players must escape. After those activities, players must immediately teleport to the Cotisse Haven to run around the camp without activating camp. Players will be excited as Aranea will go down her ship in order to camp with the team. After the camping, players must now reload the autosave of the camping. This will cause Aranea to be a permanent member of the team.

What Happens After Aranea Joins The Team In Final Fantasy XV?

Having Aranea in the team is amazing, though she will not have the ability to level up. However, she cannot be killed in any types of situation. She can also heal the team, which makes for a great support. Aranea will be removed from the team when the whole story of the game is complete. Players might consider having her in the team, as she offers amazing benefits for everybody.

Final Fantasy XV is available to play on PS4 and Xbox One.

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