Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke Dating Rumors Intensifies; Rose Leslie Left Out?

Kit Harington has been romantically linked to one of his co-stars Emilia Clarke. Rumors speculated that the two are seeing and liking each other very much. These controversies led to many questions regarding the real score between Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. But just recently, the two already confirmed their relationship, leaving all the fans failing on their hope that Kit and Emilia would end up together.

Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke Off-Screen Relationship Is Never True, Kit In Love With Rose Leslie

Movie News Guide reported that the tandem of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke were undeniably perfect. The two seems to grasp the chemistry that the people were longing to see on-screen. Thus, supporters from all over the world hoped that the two would end up together even off screen. But all went away when Rose Leslie joined the 2nd season of 'Games Of Thrones. It never took a while when John Snow and Leslie confirmed and admitted the budding romance between them.

But lately, rumors tackling that Harington and Leslie already separated ways kept the fans hoping that the actor would finally fell in love with Clarke in the end. Insiders told that the two were very sweet on set showing their affection publicly to other people. This made Rose Leslie feel that she was just an extra person in the life of Harington.

The actress' insecurities also intensified when she was informed that the two would work together again in the upcoming season of GOT. Sources told that Leslie would not let Clarke ruin the relationship she has with Kit. And that she has several reasons to keep the actor in her life compare to Emilia Clarke.

With all the rumors spreading around the online community, reports also warned that fans should not fully believed on the allegations as both sides had not confirmed or denied all of them.

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