Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift Finally End Their Friendship, Gomez Calls Swift 'Bad Influence'

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift has been widely known for being close to each other. They were even tagged by their fans as the real '#BestfriendGoals'. But with what's happening between the two, Selena and Taylor seems to have already get rid each other. Would we ever see them together again? Or are we seeing Gomez as part of Taylor Swift's long list of enemies?

Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Waved Final Goodbyes To Each Other, Both Ready To End Their Long Time Friendship

In one of Inquistr news, it was revealed that Selena is finally closing the doors for reconciliation between pop superstar Taylor Swift. Sources told that Gomez realized her decision when she entered rehab to improve her lupus and side effects.

Publications also told that Selena has tagged Taylor as someone who is 'bad influence' after her recovery.

"Since Selena got out of rehab, she has been cutting out all of the bad influences in her life,"

It was reported that Swift, despite her respected image in front of the camera, had been wild backstage. She had been one of the reasons why Gomez had undergone different situations in her life which she allegedly regrets.

"Selena is sober now, and she is doing everything right,"

"She is continuing to see a therapist and surround herself with positive influences. Taylor, unfortunately, does not make the cut anymore."

Also, Selena is allegedly disappointed with how Swift treated their friendship. She has been very competitive with the people around her, including the people closest to her which made her so turned off with the singer.

With all of these reports, nothing has ever been confirmed by both Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Though, Selena did not greet Taylor in Instagram during her birthday. This is very unusual as she already formed a habit of acknowledging the people close to her through her social media.

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