iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple´s Next Flagship Could Come With A Radical New Design; Plastic

There have been a lot of iPhone 8 rumors in the last days, and now there´s a new one that seems to be a huge bomb: Apple´s next flagship could actually ditch the glass and aluminum for a plastic screen. This radical new design could be the revolutionary move that the fans have been expecting.

The iPhone 8 Cold Wear An Edge-To-Edge Display With No Bezels

According to Express, Apple is definitely planning this move as it looks to build a curved screen into the iPhone 8, which would bring this mobile device alongside Samsung smartphones as the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, which also have curved screens that show the notifications along the side of the display.

Naturally, this has been one of the most incredible iPhone 8 rumors that have been shared, given the fact that ditching the traditional aluminum and glass build means that this flagship would be totally different from the previous iPhones. Also, this means that Apple could finally achieve its dream of selling a phone that could wear an edge-to-edge display with no bezels, which could become such an innovative move that many products of its kind would use the same feature in the near future.

The Most Relevant iPhone 8 Rumors So Far

As reported by Daily Mail, although Apple has been using for its iPhones screens the Corning´s durable Gorilla glass, the company could now rely on plastic OLED from Samsung display, which could probably supply a little more or less than 100 million units to Apple. Of course, it remains unknown whether the plastic would be use alone or whether it would be covered with a glass layer.

In addition to this information, one of the iPhone 8 rumors that have appeared in recent days is the possibility that this smartphone could be launched in three different models in 2017. So far, the most important iPhone 8 rumors have been the chances of a wireless charging, a Dual-lens 3D camera, a new "pure white" model and many others that suggest that this Apple´s flagship could be something out of this world.

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