WWE Alert: Roman Reigns To Be Crowned As The New Champion, Neville Will Take The Cruiserweight Title

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens Full Match - WWE Roadblock 18 December 2016
Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens Full Match - WWE Roadblock 18 December 2016 Photo : E^3 / YouTube

WWE Roadblock just concluded yesterday and a lot of fans are not satisfied with the results. I really can’t blame them as I am disappointed with what happened on that pay-per-view.

WWE Roadblock Was Really A Roadblock

I’m not quite sure if this was the real plan of WWE creative but the hype of WWE Roadblock didn’t live to its hype. There are numerous times when the crowd was dead silent as they are not entertained with what they are seeing. WWE Roadblock was supposedly the biggest pay-per-view before the year ends but it didn’t happen. I’ve seen a lot of negative reactions in YouTube, reddit and other social media sites voicing their disgrace and other fans wants refund.

Roman Reigns Will Dethrone Kevin Owens Thanks To Chris Jericho?

The ending of the champion vs champion match is not what I expected. They started on a high note but for some reason, they weren’t able to continue the pace. WWE creative drop the ball again when they decided the match to end in a controversial manner. It seems like Kevin Owens won’t win a damn match without any assistance or cheating involved. They are making their champion looks weak. Even when he first won the title, Triple H gave him a helping hand to secure the WWE Universal title.

However, there’s a buzz in the locker room that Kevin Owens will drop the title soon. The plan is already set as one of our credible sources mentioned. Same source that dropped the bomb about Randy Orton joining The Wyatt Family and AJ Styles defeating John Cena in Summerslam. Going back, their goal was to start a feud between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. The former best friends are absolutely gold on the mic and they are the best on their craft.

With that said, Chris Jericho might cost Kevin Owens to drop the title. They are planning it to happen as soon as possible so that they can create a fully documented storyline between Owens and Jericho. The beneficiary about this storyline will be, Roman Reigns. The leader of the Roman empire is set to capture the WWE Universal title for the first time. WWE Creative and management are comfortable again with Roman as their top guy in the RAW brand.

Seth Rollins, Finn Balor And AJ Styles?

Seth Rollins will suffer a major setback in the early months of next year. As reported by a respected magazine, they will focus on Roman Reigns angle and check if he can now carry the brand without any problems. How will Seth Rollins react? He was receptive about the idea but make no mistake about it, once Roman Reigns performed as a B+ player, Rollins will get the title. Finn Balor’s return is still pending but he has been seen numerous times on the backstage and already doing some action.

For those who weren’t able to follow it, Finn Balor was the very first WWE Universal Champion. However, due to an injury, he had no choice but to drop the title on the following night. Bret Hart called out Seth Rollins stating that he did in intentionally and he is dangerous in the ring. Also, The Phenomenal AJ Styles has been the biggest target for trade talks. As per ratings, when he became the World Heavyweight Champion, Smackdown Live ratings it off the roof.

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