'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Updates: Current Season So Brutal; Sends Fans Sick To Their Stomachs

Despite the huge success of the series "The Walking Dead," it didn't get the entire good side of the audience. Many have now complained about its' graphic brutality that has sent the fans sick to their stomachs.

"The Walking Dead' Brutal Scenes Already being Compared To An ISIS Execution

There have been complaints sent to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by the fans of the AMC series "The Walking Dead" regarding its intense brutality. Although the show has always been known for its graphic portrayal of bloody scenes, the recent episodes have reportedly crossed the line already. Some fans have even already compared it to the ISIS' style of torturing people, claiming that watching an ISIS execution video was more tolerable than that of the killing scenes in "The Walking Dead."

Although the series clearly is not real, showing unreal kind of torture, its interpretation has gotten way more graphic than expected that even the avid fans of the show have complained. Most of the complaints were on the season finale of "The Walking Dead" season six and its continuation, the season seven premiere. The technical issues regarding these episodes were called out, having it labelled as "torture porn" status. The individuals clearly had a precise complaint on the show's brutality that not even its being famous can negate on.

Fans, Audiences, Parents And The Like Shares Complaint On The Show's Graphic Content

There have also been reports claiming that fans of "The Walking Dead" were not the only ones who had complaints about the show's brutality. The Parents' Television Council (PTC) also called out its season seven premiere claiming that it was one of the most graphically violent shows ever seen on television. Even though the show is rated to its appropriate audiences, it can't be helped that with the power of today's technology, kids these days could get access to its video clips already and can watch its graphically portrayed brutality.

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