Niantic Increases Pokemon GO Spawn Rates, Full Details Revealed

In the past, lots of Pokemon GO players are having a hard time filling their Pokedex. Some say it's due to the game's tracking system being inefficient, while others suggest it's because of the low spawn rates. Fortunately, Niantic just recently increased the latter. The studio has just signficantly increased the spawn rates of each creature in the hit mobile game.

The big reveal was made via the official Twitter account of the game. It says that there's been an "increased numbers of Pokemon sightings" in various locations. These could go as far as from the parks all the way in other outdoor places -- be it on urban or rural area.

It's worth noting that in Pokemon GO, spawn rates are the one that determine just how often a creature tends to appear. Previously, players will have to walk a certain distance before a specie could spawn. This is most especially true to players who are located in secluded or remote areas. With the change, it's definitely going to give a huge lift to the community.

The increase in spawn rates is also a blessing in disguise for average players (those who own a low amount of Pokemon). That's because it'll help them fill their Pokedex in a much faster pace. Take note that the Gen 2 creatures are about to come to full completion; hence it's only helpful for such tweak to arrive.

The question, though, is if this remains as a permanent thing in Pokemon GO. Either that or Niantic will simply implement it for a certain period of time. Of course, every player would wish for it to be there for as long as possible. At the end of the day, however, the decision to do so relies on the company. As of this writing, this remains a mystery.

What are your thoughts on Niantic increase the spawn rates in Pokemon GO? Would like for such system to be a permanent thing in the game? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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