Pokemon GO Breeding Feature: What We Know So Far

Niantic finally did it -- the Gen 2 monsters have arrived to Pokemon GO. Although it has stayed in the rumor mill for quite some time, the wait was definitely worth it. Now, at the dawn of these new creatures, a notable feature is starting to make waves within the community. It's called the breeding feature. So far, here's everything we know about it.

For anyone who's wondering what the second generation is all about (though it's pretty obvious), the guys at The Silph Road have it all covered. But wait, there's more to it actually. The most interesting part here is the number of references they've acquired. And believe it or not, most of these point to a truckload of potential features.

One is the so-called baby position, which is deemed as an added feature to the already existing Pokemon GO Buddy System. If anything else, this could pinpoint the possible arrival of a breeding process in the game. And perhaps, if these clues are true, Niantic has already started its development.

While these are all interesting, in one way or another, there's yet to be an official word about it. But hey, this is how the studio has been playing lately. Rumors after rumors, but in the long run, these all became true. So, in a sense, players might just get this speculated feature anytime soon.

In other Pokemon GO reports, the Gen 2 update was also meant to introduce a couple of things. One of these is the introduction of the Shiny Pokemon. Note that the latter are known to exist in other Pokemon games, the latest titles being Pokemon Sun and Moon.

There's a higher chance that Niantic might introduce the aforementioned creatures to Pokemon GO. Probably within the month, before it ends. Or, if what people are suggesting in the community, these monsters could arrive early next year. It's safe to say that the still-popular mobile game is starting to make a loud noise (once again) in the mobile game industry.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO having a breeding feature? What are your expectations? How do you see Niantic introducing it to the game? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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