COD Modern Warfare Remastered To Get More Weapons But Players Don't Want Them?

COD Modern Warfare Remastered is reportedly getting more weapons via supply drops and DLC. The game's players though, are not happy about it.

Datamine Reveals Upcoming Weapons

Reddit user VoiD_Glitch posted a list of weapons and items coming to COD Modern Warfare Remastered in the coming days. Some of the weapons include the AK-47 and M14. A number of the items also include melee weapons such as the combat knife, shovel and icepick as well as a bottle.

Loot Drops And Maps Coming Up

From January to April 2017, several items will be made available to the game through loot drops. By January next year, an unidentified pistol is coming out. One submachine gun, one light machine gun and four melee weapons will soon appear in February 2017. In addition to the weapons, a number of maps are also coming up. They have been identified as Broadcast, Chinatown, Creek and Killhouse.

Reddit Polls on MWR Additional Weapons

It seems 2 out of 3 COD Modern Warfare Remastered players are not in favor of adding more guns to the game. This is based on a straw poll conducted among Reddit community. As of press time, there is no indication if Raven, Infinity Ward and Activision are aware of such sentiments. The question is why players would dislike the chance of getting more weapons for the game. This seems illogical especially for an FPS game such as MWR.

Weapons via Supply Drops

The COD Modern Warfare Remastered gaming community or at least the vocal ones are against it for one reason only. The upcoming weapons will be available via supply drops and that is the crux of the matter right now. People will need to spend money to get them and there's a fear that players who won't upgrade will be slaughtered by those who do. Many would like the developer to address the networks game's tick rate first before adding more items to the game.

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