Apple AirPod Review: Offers Easy Futuristic Feel + How They Could Improve

Apple Airpod Review: Offers Easy Futuristic Feel + How They Could Improve
After months of delaying, Apple has finally released its controversial AirPods, which - while it definitely has its benefits and positive points - still have some room for improvement. Photo : Apple/YouTube

When Apple first announced the AirPods - wireless earphones that connect to a handheld via Bluetooth - the public was split between the admirers and the doubters. Nevertheless, the wearables are now publicly available and reviews are generally leaning towards a positive acceptance. That does not mean, however, that the technology is already perfect as there is definitely room for improvement.

Following the official reveal, Apple announced that it would delay the release of the AirPods. The time in between was meant to be used to perfect the technology that would bring audio to both ear pieces at one time. Before Cupertino decided to develop its own technology on this, the standard was that the audio source would transfer data to just one piece, which would then transfer to the other ear piece.

Nevertheless, Apple has succeeded in presenting the public with another amazing piece of technology. The ease that comes with using AirPods is evident from the very beginning when the wearable is paired with the Apple device. As Gizmodo AU notes, simply opening up the magnetic case near an iPhone will prompt a "connect" pop-up on the device. Afterward, the initial pairing, opening the same case near the handheld will instantly pair the earphones to the smartphone.

The user will know that the device is working right when putting the wearables on because of a little sound effect. Likewise, removing one ear piece will immediately pause the music that is being played. But despite its futuristic feel and easy connectivity, there are still the logical concerns.

One issue with the AirPods that the general public had was its battery life - and Apple fights back with a strong punch. The Cupertino-based company promises five hours of full battery life and the publication confirms the same. Granted, others may argue that five hours is next to nothing, but it definitely will do for daily activities.

Another concern was how the mic would fair, considering the device is such a tiny thing. And even with this, the tech giant has done well. The same publication confirms that the AirPods work well, even during phone calls. The receiver of the call will hear the wearer loud and clear with the device.

But as well as Apple has addressed these concerns, there are others that have yet to be answered. As C|Net reports, double tapping the AirPods actually either pause/play the current track, or it can trigger Siri. However, a user has to choose between these two functions and there is not much else to do wirelessly with the device. Volume, for example, can only be changed by adjusting with the paired device. Another issue is that the interface for the AirPods are different for every device. Using the wearable with the iPhone and the iPad are different - although both still relatively easy.

The AirPods are Apple's first foray into the wireless audio platform and it is definitely an A+ in terms of effort. The device does exactly what it promises and even performs better than some of its competitors, despite being the first wearable to be completely wireless - other players connect one piece to another, or have an over-the-ear design. It will be exciting to see how the Cupertino-based company continues to develop the technology.

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