Stardew Valley Guide: How To Raise Dinosaurs In Your Farm

Things just keep getting better and better with a touch of weird in Stardew Valley. Aside from the usual farm animals, players can raise a not so usual animal: dinosaurs. In this world, they are not yet extinct. Here's how players can get and raise a dinosaur in their farms.

Stardew Valley is not all about farming and getting rich with crops; it is also about taking care of animals such as the dinosaur. Once a player has found a dino egg, he can put it in an incubator and wait for it to hatch. Of course, once it is full grown, it can lay eggs.

First, the player must look for an artifact spot in Stardew Valley. Since dinosaurs are from the prehistoric era, that is the best spot where he can get an egg. He will most likely get an egg on Pelican Town. Players need to dig using their hoe. They can also try their luck in fishing where they might get a treasure chest along with the fish.

But fishing in Stardew Valley will require a lot of skills. The players must catch the chest together with a fish. They can get the fish alone, but the chest will only be rewarded if the players have caught the sea creature. Thus, they must remember to successfully reel the two things together.

Besides fishing in Stardew Valley, the players are encouraged to do many tasks daily in order to acquire a dinosaur egg. They must remember that digging up artifacts will give a lot of surprises to them especially if they want an ancient pet in their farm.

According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, the player can sell his dino eggs. The more hearts they have, the more gold they can sell it for. That is why a dinosaur and its eggs are must-have items in the game.

Stardew Valley offers a lot of activities for its players. They all know that it is next to Harvest Moon. Hopefully, players can have their own dinosaur in their farms because they can get richer with the eggs of their unique pet.

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