Clash Royale Update: Find Out What Will You Get In The New Clan Chest

Supercell is making sure that Clash Royale will be even more exciting than before. The latest update called clan chest will give the players great rewards that will keep them focused in the game. But players must know that they need to work hard for the chest's rewards.

What Can Players Get In Clash Royale's Clan Chest?

The clan chest in Clash Royale will give off as much as 525 cards and 3,000 gold coins. But in order to get the rewards, they must work together as a clan because the tier 1 chest needs 100 crowns before they can finally unlock it.

If the clans have earned 100 crowns in Clash Royale, they can already receive 180 gold coins and 30 cards with three rare cards. They can win 525 cards and 3,000 coins when they reach tier 10. Also, in that tier, they can get 52 rare cards and five epic cards, according to  STGIST.

But players need to wait for eight days after filling up the chest meter to open it. Also, all the players who are members of a clan have the opportunity to get the reward even if they only contributed one crown in the chest meter.

Other Updates Of Clash Royale

Besides the clan chest, the upcoming update of Clash Royale on Dec. 23 will be all about Electro Wizard. The players need the card in their deck before they can participate in the challenge. The players can win up to 22,000 gold coins and 1,100 cards.

Also, Clash Royale will be having new cards every two weeks. However, players must know that none of them will be legendary. The Epic chest will be giving off more cards than before. Previously, it just released 10 cards but now players can get 20 epic cards.

Clash Royale fans are really happy with what Supercell has done to the game. Hopefully, they will continue to play the game because it gets even more exciting and it let its players strategize in order to win every battle.

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