Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' Beats The Record Of 'Pokemon GO' In Just Days

Nintendo has been promoting its first ever mobile application for quite some time now that it is not a surprise that “Super Mario Run” is actually getting all the attention. After vying to be as successful as “Pokemon GO,” the said “Super Mario Bros.” mobile application has reportedly made a new record, creating another milestone for the company.

Super Mario Run Surpassed Pokemon GO

“Super Mario Run” was recently released, specifically just this Dec. 15 and it has already been making quite the noise. Though it has only been made available for iOS devices, it has already earned millions of downloads. With that, it has actually surpassed the record of Niantic's popular mobile game, “Pokemon GO” after making a record of 2.85 million downloads per day. In addition to that, in just three days, “Super Mario Run” has already reached 37 million downloads whereas “Pokemon GO” reportedly took 11 days just to reach the $25 million mark.

Nintendo has also earned over $5 million for the first week of downloads. Despite announcing prior to the release of the said mobile game that it was free to play, it actually required in-game purchases to pursue higher levels but this did not stop the one million users who paid to further enjoy the game. With the success it is gaining with just being on the iOS, the mobile game is expected gross even more once it is made available for Android devices, which will be in early 2017 according to Nintendo.

Nintendo's Goal Still Not Met Despite Super Mario Run's Success

Though they have released the said application for Nintendo to gain market advantage in regions where the company has low sales, it seems that they still have a long way to go as analysts say that the objective has not yet been met. “Super Mario Run” may be making millions right now but Nintendo has recently suffered a decrease in their stock prices by more than 7 percent because of poor market reception. “Super Mario Run” is the first mobile application Nintendo has ever released and admitted that they finally ventured into this platform after realizing that mobile games have become mainstream and profitable in this era.

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