Latest Pokemon GO Update Is Quite A Disappointment; But There Might Still Be A Way To Improve It

Niantic has just released an update for Pokemon GO. But there's nothing big or too exciting about it. Considering the anticipation of fans with the new update, seeing the lackluster content added to the game is without a doubt a disappointment. But there might still be a way out of it.

Pokemon GO's Latest Update Turns Out A Little Disappointing

Thanks to a fan theory, players of Pokemon GO had held high hopes for the upcoming update. But as it turns out, Niantic failed to meet players' expectations. The new update is in no way exciting. Aside from bug fixes, which are more than welcome, for both iOS and Android platforms Pokemon GO lacks the anticipated freebies and gifts and new Pokemon to catch.

Bug Fixes With New Pokemon GO Update

The only good thing with the new update is that it comes with several bug fixes. The annoying vibration during notifications are now fixed and the day and night cycle of the in-game is now adjusted to better suit the real time when a player plays Pokemon GO. Some minor fixes for the text are also provided with the new update. Although the theory of a bigger and better update is not something solid, it's still disappointing to see that the rolled out update is underwhelming.

Pokemon GO Can Still Improve Following Its Update

If fans are to be asked, Pokemon GO's "frustrating" update can still improve. How? Niantic should not hold back and update the more important aspects of the game. For example, adding Pokemon in the wild might be a great way to expand players' area of exploration. Opening battles with other Poke trainers is also a good suggestion to follow. This way, people who love to play Pokemon GO can actually do "battle" with one another. This could also be an important factor for Pokemon GO to survive in the long run. Adding Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO would also be great seeing that legendaries are very hard to find and there's much thrill in finding those Pokemon - which is exactly the heart of Pokemon GO.

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