Pokemon Go iOS, Android Update Disappoints Fans For Zero New Features?

Pokemon GO for both iOS and Android devices recently received bug fixes to correct the app a few days ago. Apparently, Niantic may have been finished with rolling out updates after huge updates that rolled out this month. Moreover, the official Twitter page of Pokemon GO also revealed massive statistics for the Pokemon GO app.

Pokemon GO Update Fixes Nearby Tracker Flaws

It has been noted that the recently released Nearby Tracker incorrectly vibrates when there are no Pokemon monsters nearby. Currently, the Pokemon GO app may only vibrate when Pokemon are actually nearby. The developers reportedly rolled out the updates with the 1.21.0 version of Pokemon GO for iOS and the 0.510 Pokemon GO for Android.

In addition, Niantic also reportedly included minor refinements to the Pokemon GO app. The release notes reportedly revealed that the developers have included tweaks to the app's day and night modes to reflect the actual time of the day. Moreover, minor text fixes have also been included in the Dec. 19 update.

Previously, Niantic also rolled out Gen 2 Pokemon in the app. Moreover, Sprint and Starbucks locations have also been turned into Poke Stops and Poke gyms. Furthermore, more Pokemon monsters may reportedly be found by Pokemon GO players in the rural areas.

All Pokemon GO Trainers Have Walked Across Earth For Total Of 200,000 Times

In other news, the Twitter page of the Pokemon GO app also reportedly revealed statistics of the game. It has been revealed that a total of 8.7 billion kilometers (5.4 billion miles) have been walked by all the Pokemon GO trainers collectively.

Pokemon GO trainers have reportedly made 200,000 trips around the earth collectively. Apparently, Pokemon GO players have already walked past Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to catch the digital creatures. Moreover, statistics reportedly reveal that a total of 88 billion Pokemon have been caught or 533 million every day. Additionally, 25 million players have been noted to use the Pokemon GO app daily. Learn more about the Christmas update here:

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