Pokemon GO Speed Glitch Temporary Fix Revealed; December Update Expected To Reveal All-New 100 Gen 2 Pokemon?

Pokemon GO Players recently noted a speed glitch where the game would cease to follow or catch up after a certain speed. Apparently, the game would resort to lags and even freeze at such point. Niantic is expected to roll out fixes in their upcoming updates along with trading and more player battles.

It is said that the background map in Pokemon GO would lag and freeze, going into a stagnant screen if players go past a certain speed. Additionally, the character would cease to rotate or function at all. Moreover, the typical warning that says that a player is driving and must click no if a passenger, does not show up.

The Pokemon GO glitch reportedly happens even after rebooting. The glitch may diminish after clearing the cache. Moreover, users may need to hard reset their devices and manually re-enter the app. Afterwards, the game may become responsive again.

Several Pokemon GO players have reportedly resounded the speed glitch. Apparently, only the sound of the game will remain in the occurrence of the glitch. Hence, Pokemon may be spawning in the background but players will not be able to catch them. Niantic is expected to roll out with bug fixes to resolve the matter.

In other news, Niantic is slated to roll out with more updates for the Pokemon GO app. The huge update is expected to roll out in December with features like Player vs. Player battles and Pokemon trading. The update is also believed to add 100 new Pokemon called the Generation 2.

Pokemon GO December 2016 update may also roll out with a Legendary Pokemon tier. It is possible that Tyranitor will be added in the app. The God tier is said to come with a maximum combat power of 3654 which will prove to be a powerful addition to any player's lineup. Watch Pokemon GO Updates Plus No Spawning 25 or 40KMH Warning here:

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