iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Demo Out But Pangu And Luca Todesco Advise To Remain In iOS 10.1.1

For the past few weeks, various publications and reports have claimed that Pangu would release a jailbreak took for Apple's latest iOS 10. Just a few days before the holidays officially kick in, a new demo video has finally been released - but it comes with a few warnings. Luca Todesco, for one, has advised to stay away from iOS 10.2.

The video from Cydia Magic, which was uploaded earlier this month, clearly shows an iPhone installed with iOS 10.2. In the background is a computer that shows the tool from Pangu, which connects to the device and is jailbroken after a few minutes. However, the video does not come with a download feature from the infamous group of hackers.

As Neurogadget notes, the group has essentially failed in providing the public with the much awaited iOS 10 jailbreak tool, because it has not been made available to the public. Along with Pangu is Luca Todesco, who also boasted of breaking through Apple's newest and toughest security measures. However, neither party has shared the means to jailbreak their devices.

Oddly enough, Todesco has also advised his followers not to upgrade to iOS 10.2, as the OS has proven difficult to overcome. The publication reasons out that the Cupertino-based company took full advantage of the long beta phase of the update. During the seventh phase of the testing period, the tech giant reportedly included code that makes it too difficult to hack into or break. On the other hand, iOS 10.1 has proven to be more fragile.

It does not look like the remaining days of 2016 will unlock the key to the much awaited jailbreak tool. However, Pangu still has not released an official statement, which still leaves the door open for surprises. But if Apple continues to hand out strong updates as quickly as it has been, the future does not look good for jailbreak enthusiasts.

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