Youtube User Compiles Deleted Final Fantasy XV 'Supposed' Elements

Final Fantasy XV developers may have scrapped a few important details from Final Fantasy XV in the later stages. Apparently, the game may have included a cut multiplayer component, among others. Moreover, the game was reportedly price reduced over at Amazon.  

Final Fantasy XV Boss Forms and Luna's Controversial Plot Scrapped from the Game

Previously, a leak was reportedly posted on 4chan showing scrapped elements from Final Fantasy XV. While the leak has already been removed online, a YouTube user called Final Fantasy Peasant was reportedly able to recap all the details of the leaks. A former employee of Square Enix allegedly revealed the Final Fantasy XV leaks on YouTube.

It has been revealed that Final Fantasy XV reportedly includes a scoring system based on killing enemies with multiple people or exploring dungeons. Furthermore, cut multiplayer component is also rumored to make a comeback to Final Fantasy XV via the Holiday Pack DLC. Furthermore, the mode is also speculated to involve new online adventures with all of the protagonists in Final Fantasy XV.

Additionally, the alleged employee reportedly reveals that Luna may be abused by the other characters. Moreover, the heroine may be planning to meet her husband but suffered a bad reputation for how the female characters have treated her. Furthermore, Caligo was reportedly seen attacking Luna in the past resulting to the heroine being removed from Final Fantasy XV.

Amazon offers the Final Fantasy XV for $34.99 only

In other news, Amazon is reportedly offering the Final Fantasy XV with a massive 40 percent discount. It has been noted that the discount is part of the limited time Gold Box deal. Moreover, the game reportedly now costs only $35 on both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

The Final Fantasy XV price marked down game also comes with free shipping on a limited number of areas. Moreover, it has been noted that those who are on Amazon Prime shipping may get the game faster. Several deals on Amazon reportedly include 60 percent off on several pairs of pajamas. Watch the YouTube leak here:

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