Final Fantasy XV Guide: How To Combat Slactuar, Cactuar

Final Fantasy XV is considered as a great game due to the fact that it allows the players to upgrade weapons to make them stronger and better. Among these is the Auto Crossbow, in which the players would need to find a Cactuar Needle to achieve the upgrade.  However, the Cactuar Needle is believed to be a very rare item that an iconic enemy will have to be killed in order to get it.

The Cactuar Needle in Final Fantasy XV is with Cactuar, and players need to remove him in order to get one. Some players believe that Cactuar is quite easy to beat, and that  the only thing that makes it harder is the speed and  plan to escape if the players fail to kill him fast.

Cactuar Needle is reported to be one of the iconic enemies not only in Final Fantasy XV, but also in the game's previous versions. However, Cactuar is different from the other enemies in Final Fantasy XV, given the fact that it needs to be summoned before it shows up. The players  need to run around the northern region of Longwythe and the northwestern region of the Hammerhead while utilizing the Beast Whistle.

The Beast Whistle in Final Fantasy XV is believed to be very easy to get. The players only need to go with the main story mode on Day One, since it is in this part where a mysterious person appears as they head to the Disc. The players will then receive a notification that a Beast Whistle has been received.

Final Fantasy XV, meanwhile, has reportedly got off to a strong start at the UK games retail, however, digital data is not included. Nevertheless, in terms of boxes, Final Fantasy XV is the second-fastest selling game in the history of the game series, beaten only by the Final Fantasy XIII in 2010. Watch Final Fantasy 15: Gigantuar / Cactuar Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)

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