Overwatch Latest News, Update: Reflections Comic Tells Warm Holiday Story Featuring Tracer & Girlfriend; Game On Sale At Blizzard For $9.99

The Overwatch image showing Tracer kissing another girl has recently been spotted online. The recently released comic reportedly reveals the the first queer character in Overwatch. Moreover, Blizzard is reportedly selling a price marked down Overwatch game.

Latest Overwatch comic went live on the Overwatch website Dec. 20

Blizzard Entertainment's latest comic release for Overwatch was reportedly called Reflections. It should be noted that the recent comic release focused more on the pixie-like hero Tracer. Moreover, a holiday story was also revealed that included several Overwatch characters.

The comic was noted as more than just an expansion of the universe's lore in Overwatch. It is speculated that Tracer is already living with the girl that she kissed in the picture. It turns out that Tracer has been dating with Emily. Furthermore, the "Overwatch" hero Winston was also shown hosting a holiday dinner which the couple also attends.

The developers further teased more queer characters in the Overwatch cast. Apparently, Emily was featured as the first queer hero in Overwatch. Moreover, the production team previously confirmed at the BlizzCon event that the gaming community may hear more diversity in the cast soon. Previously, Overwatch fans have reportedly taken cue from the in-game story and paired Tracer with her sworn enemy, Widowmaker.

Overwatch goes on sale with up to 50 percent off on on upgrading between versions

In other news, the Overwatch game is reportedly cheapest at this time around. It has been noted that the base version of Overwatch was reportedly reduced to $29.99 from $39.99. In addition, the origins edition of Overwatch now comes with a $39.99 price tag.

Overwatch players who opt to upgrade between the two versions previously cost $19.99. The new price reportedly went down to $9.99. It should be noted that only those who live in the US region may get the Overwatch discounts. Furthermore, note that the Origins edition no longer sports the Windowmaker Noire that was previously noted for pre-orders. Watch the comic analysis here:

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