Overwatch Christmas Event Is 1.24GB; Reskins For Hanamura, Row & New Loot Box Featured; As Exciting As Pokemon Go Treat?

Overwatch Christmas event is now live. The fans' most-awaited game event since Pikachu's exciting Santa hat in Pokemon Go is expected to bring new amazing Holiday-themed features.

The Overwatch Christmas event is reported to be filled to the brim with epic emotes, skins and victory poses. Aside from this, each hero, except for Reinhardt, Mercy, D.Va and Soldier:76, will have themed skins that are believed to be awesomely epic.

Overwatch patch with 1.24GBs is also expected to include new reskins for Hanamura and King's Row, a new loading theme song, a new loot box and a new brawl packed with Meis. The Overwatch Christmas event begins to run today until Jan. 2.

Each Loot Box in Overwatch Christmas event inventory has already been converted to a Christmas box, with an opportunity for the players to receive more than 100 new cosmetic products, from icons to victory poses and skins. The cool skins that are featured in the Overwatch patch include Shiver Reaper, Peppermint Sombra, Frostbite Pharrah, Rudolf Roadhog, Jingle Tracer, and Nutcracker Zenyatta. Also, Santaclad Torbjorn, Andes Lucio, Yeti Winston, Frosted Zaryah, Scrooge McCree, and Merry Mei are included.

In the new Overwatch patch, the King's Row and Hanamura maps have reportedly been given a temporary winter makeover, including a new Snowball Offensive brawl that will allow both teams of six Meis, with  each duking it out along with a number of special snowball attacks. Similar to Overwatch's previous Olympics and Halloween events, the new items can only be obtained during the seasonal update.

Overwatch patch's new items are said to be unlocked through the Winter Loot Boxes that are earned just like in any regular Loot Boxes, either through leveling up or purchase with real money. Every Loot Box has randomized items, although the Winter Boxes are guaranteed of at least one winter event item in every box. Watch Overwatch Christmas Event! Winter Wonderland Seasonal Event Trailer - New Holiday Skins


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