Apple AirPods Gets Zero Score On iFixit's Repairability Test

Apple's latest hit gadget for the year after the iPhone 7 and the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is up for a teardown. iFixit gladly obliged and the results are not that good.

The wireless earbuds from the tech giant have come under scrutiny even before it was released. In fact, it made news for the fact that it was released late and Apple's refusal to explain the delay has fuelled many speculations.

Aside from that, the AirPods also had a brush with the issue of falling down. Some claim that the wireless device had a tendency to fall off the ear especially after Apple announced that replacement of a lost AirPods comes at a high price -- $69 to be exact.

The latest issue with the AirPods is that it cannot be repaired. iFixit dismantled the tiny device and discovered that repairs are out of the question. In fact, it gave the AirPods a thundering ZERO in the repairability score. Other recent iFixit teardowns that got low scores were the Microsoft Surface Studio and the Surface Dial but both did not get a score of zero.

Its low score may be attributed to its small frame and lots of glue.

The first thing they noticed upon opening the AirPods was all the glue used. The components were packed tight inside the small casing making it impossible to repair it. The teardown also revealed that the stem of the AirPods is actually its battery. It also contains antennas and a W1 chip.

Apple AirPods went on sale last week and costs $159 a pair. The AirPods wireless technology coincides with the company's direction of getting rid of wires. They already getting rid of the 3.55 headphone jack in some devices and are rumored to provide wireless charging ability to the iPhone 8.

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