L'Oreal Users Turned Bald Out Of Unsafe Hair Relaxers; L'oreal Responds To Lawsuits

The popular beauty product brand, L'Oreal was previously challenged in court by thousands of women for its allegedly harmful SoftSheen Carson hair relaxers. Following this, the complainants along with their lawyer are currently demanding for an urgent recall of the said product.

Earlier this year, 2,500 women gathered for their claim of being badly injured by the SoftSheen Carson line of L'Oreal. The law firm representing the group has then requested on Monday for an immediate halt of the sales of the said relaxer brand. Furthermore, the team has demanded a federal investigation on L'Oreal's chemical testing of their products and so as their marketing side.

Representing attorney of the complainants, Ben Meiselas, accused the company of selling "poison in a box" which caused the users to go bald or suffer from burned scalp. He also despised the company's argument that people who use their hair relaxers should know in the first place that they can get burned by using the chemical-based products.

"We thought that argument was preposterous and offensive," Meiselas told BuzzFeed. "If they believe that their product is inherently dangerous, they shouldn't claim that their product protects your hair and scalp on the outside packaging," insisting that L'Oreal tricked their consumers into their product.

The group also accused the company of hiding the risks behind their attractive promotion of natural ingredients inserted on the chemical product such as Amla oil which is reportedly derived from the Indian "superfruit." The law firm has also released several photos from supposed victims who claim to have been injured by the SoftSheen Carson relaxer.

It can be recalled though that the beauty company has fired back last Thursday, rejecting the claims of the plaintiff that L'Oreal has misled consumers about the safety details of the brand. L'Oreal has been pressing that its relaxer product's packaging never claims that it is safer nor less injurious compared to other chemical-based hair products.

The company is firm with its stand that it placed repeated warnings on the packaging of their Softsheen Carson relaxer noting on the product's capacity to cause injuries. L'Oreal even assured that it noted on the packaging "no reasonable consumer would gather than the product is not 'caustic' when faced with exterior packaging containing warnings like 'contains alkali,' 'wear gloves,' 'can cause blindness,' 'serious injury to...skin,' and 'permanent hair loss,'" TMZ notes.

L'Oreal is a prominent brand producing hair products. Several costumers reportedly abandoned the brand since 2013, dropping the same allegations of hair loss and chemical burns on scalp.

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