Ashton Kutcher's 'jOBS' Pushed Back 'Indefinitely' (Video)

Some people never learn. Then again, some people seem to lack the capacity to learn.

It turns out that Ashton Kutcher's "jOBS," an anticipated stinker of a biopic about Apple visionary Steve Jobs, has already hit enough publicity snags that its release date has been put on hold indefinitely.

Despite his somewhat close resemblance to the Apple co-founder, Kutcher has never been much of an actor in the "theatrical" sense, as both his corpus and filmmakers like Cameron Crowe and Steven Soderbergh can attest.

In addition to the literate public's disbelief that Kutcher is able to pull off such a dramatic role, "jOBS" itself has received some harsh criticism by Apple co-founder and Jobs' erstwhile partner Steve Wozniak that resulted in a media firestorm involving Kutcher's response and that of others involved with the production.

It turns out that Wozniak saw an early clip of the film and feels it — which clearly must tell his story as well as Jobs' — is not historically accurate. Kutcher and Co.'s feeble response was that this is just a dramatic narrative that happens to be about Steve Jobs, and not a documentary.

According to Deadline the film was supposed to come out April 19, but it has now been put on hold until time unknown.

There must be something really wrong with the film, as April 19 was a date chosen to mark the 37th anniversary of Jobs founding Apple.

The real trouble for the ill-fated "jOBS" is that it soon won't be the only film about the man on the market. "The Social Network" scribe Aaron Sorkin is already hard at work putting together a film of his own on the subject.

Hopefully — and most likely — he'll know better than to feature Seann William Scott.

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