Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Batteries Burst Into Flames: Another Note 7 Situation?

Tech giant Samsung Electronics might be facing another huge problem with its smartphones since a customer claimed that its Galaxy S6 Edge Plus burst into flames, which is exactly what happened few months ago with the Galaxy Note 7, a mobile device that the company was forced to recall for good.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Exploded Because Of The Battery

According to GMARENA, the person who experienced the horrible damage with the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was a Reddit user named ReturnThroughAether.  He said that his device caught fire while it was sitting on the nightstand, showing no signs of heating or battery issued prior to the incident. He also explained that he only connected the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to its original charger before it burst into flames.

Apparently, it was the battery that actually combusted, since the customer took some pictures of the smartphone, and it´s showed clear marks on the back and the front of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus unit, exactly in the place where the battery is located. Of course, this is something that has created a lot of concerns in Samsung´s fans, since many believe that this could be another episode as the one that suffered the Galaxy Note 7, in which the units suddenly burst into flames and many consumers got injured.

It Cannot Be Compared With The Note 7's Fiasco

However, this is not the same case, given the fact that what happened with the Note 7 was a widespread situation, while this is just an exceptional case whose reasons remains unknown to this date. In fact, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus has been out for a year and this kind of event hasn't been exactly the common denominator of this great mobile device.

As reported by Phone Review, this is an issue that could affect the South Korean company, considering that there´s haven't been an official explanation as to why the Note 7 units burst into flames, since many considers that these cases, in addition to what happened with this Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, might be the battery. Samsung has a lot to explain.

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