Google Pixel's New Reason Why It Fails; Poor Sound Quality

The Google Pixel smartphones are one of the best smartphones for 2016. It is even hailed by some as the world's finest phone to date. However, despite its awesome hardware, it has its own flaws just like any other flagship phones.

Google Pixel Phones Killing The Music

According to a source, a Reddit user named Mark "badmark" Buckman addressed that his Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone's sound quality gets a distorted vibe when set to the highest level. After that, several other users came forward and shared the similar problem they faced. Also, further evidence was then showed on a video posted online. On the video, it showed that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL's speakers does indeed give a distorted audio and becomes almost unusable as the smartphones' volume was set to the highest.

What Was Google's Response?

When Pixel owners went to Google's product forum to address the issue, Pixel community manager Orrin assured the users that the company is aware of the problem and will soon post an update to fix it. However, in the eyes of the users, they feel as like Google itself has yet to fully address the issue and come up with a fix and that they may have to wait for a week or so for the problem to be fixed.

Other issues About the Pixel Smartphones

There also have been other reports regarding the Google Pixel and Pixel XL's performance. Just weeks ago, several Pixel users posted on Google's product forum page about the Pixel's default camera freezing and locking up. There was also another issue last month regarding and image bug glitch that is triggered when screenshots sent from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus caused distorted images to occur in the Pixel phone's display. And the funny thing about the image bug glitch is that when the Pixel owners went to Google's support forum to address the problem, a Google support employee initially placed the blame on Apple and suggested that they go and ask help from Apple's support forum instead.

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